Sensitivity Analysis

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Example: Michaelis-Menten
StochSS implements forward sensitivity analysis based on the CVODES ODE solver [2].
For instance, if we consider the population of $P$ and the parameter $Vmax$ in the Michaelis-Menten model in the Public Library. The sensitivity of the rate of the increase in population $P$ to the parameter $Vmax$ is defined as the incremental rate of change in $P$ due to incremental changes in $Vmax$:
\frac{\partial P(t)}{\partial V_{max}}.
These are the sensitivities that StochSS produces. There is no rescaling to make these sensitivities unitless.

Example: Michaelis-Menten

In this example we will study the Michaelis-Menten model from the StochSS Public Library. Details on the model can be found in [9].

  1. Import the model from the public library. By default, it will be called michaelis\_menten.
  2. Navigate to the Simulation Manager, select the model, and click Next.
  3. Under Simulation type, select Deterministic + Sensitivity.
  4. You can now select the parameters for which you wish to compute sensitivities. For instance you could select $Km$, $k3$, $mu$, and $Vmax$, to perform sensitivity analysis with only these parameters.
  5. Click Run Locally.
  6. Navigate to the Job Summary page to analyze the output. You can plot species trajectories as well as sensitivities.

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