Mac OS X Installation

Using StochSS on Mac OSX

Running StochSS

  1. Install Docker Toolbox using directions here:
  2. Download the Mac OS X application zip file:
  3. Double click the ‘StochSS’ app to launch server
    • If this does not work, try ‘StochSS__with_docker_machine’.

Uninstalling StochSS can be performed with the uninstall app included with the zip file above.

Note on security

When you run StochSS, it is encapsulated inside a virtual machine. If something goes wrong with the StochSS virtual machine, it is isolated from everything else on your system.
The information below is for Mac users with docker-machine. To know if your docker installation uses docker-machine or not, type docker-machine in a terminal. If you receive an error to the effect of ‘docker-machine’ not found, this information does not apply to you.

When things go wrong

Leaving StochSS is running while the computer goes to sleep can cause the network configuration of the virtual machine to change unexpectedly when the computer is woken up again. This means that StochSS could become temporarily inaccessible. Performing the following steps may solve this:Open a Docker Quickstart terminal window and Run:

  • docker-machine start stochss1-9
  • docker-machine ssh stochss1-9
  • docker stop stochsscontainer1_9
  • docker start stochsscontainer1_9
  • exit

Follow the instructions in this guide to start StochSS.
Our suspicion is that when we ssh into the virtual machine, it’s network configuration is reset/corrected.