Linux Installation (old)

Before you start
It’s recommended you use StochSS through Docker. If possible, follow the directions here.
StochSS will not work if its installation path contains spaces. For example, the following will not work: 

/home/myhome/my applications folder/StochSS

The path below represents a viable alternative. Note that the spaces have been replaced with the underscore character.


Various StochSS introductory tutorials are provided on the Documentation page

  • Move the StochSS tarball to a directory of your choice. Make sure that the full path of that directory does not contain any spaces.
  • Use the terminal to navigate to the directory containing the StochSS tarball and    type in the following two command lines:
tar -xzf stochss.linux.1.8.0.tgz
cd stochss.linux.1.8.0
  • StochSS requires gcc, g++, Make, Git, and libXML2 along with the Python libraries h5py, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, and FEniCS to run. If you wish to, install these packages manually and then execute ./ to launch StochSS. However, for Ubuntu the special runscripts ./ can be used to install the required packages automatically before running (requires sudo).
  • Keep in mind that when you launch the StochSS application for the first time, a number of additional software packages are automatically built inside StochSS. This installation process will take a few minutes to complete.
  • At the completion of a successful StochSS launch and installation process a web browser page opens and prompts you to log in.
  • Congratulations, you are now ready to use StochSS on your Linux box !