Linux Installation

Using StochSS on Linux

StochSS requires Docker to run. The StochSS run script ( uses Docker to download and run StochSS inside a Docker container (this is basically a lightweight virtual machine). Docker and this script are all you need to run Stochss on your Linux computer.
Note: The Ubuntu 12.04 default kernel is too old to support Docker. 12.04 users can instead just run StochSS without the container. Download the package here and refer to the old installation instructions here.

Running StochSS

  1. Install Docker using directions here:
  2. Open up a terminal window
  3. Download the Ubuntu run script :
    curl -o stochss.linux.docker.1.9.0.tgz
  4. Untar the folder and navigate inside :
    tar -xzf stochss.linux.docker.1.9.0.tgz; cd stochss.linux.docker.1.9.0
  5. Run the script (the script will ask for your administrative password): ./

Uninstalling StochSS

  1. Open up a terminal window
  2. Run:
    • sudo docker stop stochsscontainer1_9
    • sudo docker rm stochsscontainer1_9

Note on security

When you run StochSS, it is encapsulated inside a Docker container. Even though you use sudo the launch the container, StochSS does not have root permissions on your computer. The security of this container is similar to a VM. If something goes wrong with the StochSS container, it is (hopefully) isolated from everything else.